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Readers are leaders. Readers make for interesting small talk at parties. Readers look cool in coffee shops especially when the light is in that highly sought after golden hour. We bet you've heard all these things. They're probably true; we don't care. We just really like books...bibliophiles if you will. And book lovers, gonna book recommend. 

At St Jude Oak Cliff, we believe the trinity deserves the highest honor and glory. One of the many ways humans have sought to bring about that honor and glory is through the written word. Since we have been deeply encouraged, provoked, corrected, instructed, and comforted through literature, we thought we would share some of the books that have impacted our lives and the lives of God's people throughout history. We also thought it would be neat to have a speedy way to catalog the 10 books Martin casually references each Sunday morning. What a theo-nerd. 

Have a great book you think we should read? We're all ears! 

Oh, and if nobody has told you today that they love you, we do; but more importantly, God does.

~The SJOC Team

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